A tomb in St George's Gardens, Bloomsbury

Success at St George’s Gardens

15 October 2020

Recent events at St George’s Gardens show how planning should and does work when there isn’t a great deal of money involved. The BCAAC has recently been involved in an exemplary piece of work of collaboration between ourselves, Camden, a developer, and another community group at St George’s Gardens, in the Bloomsbury CA. It demonstrates […]

Bedford Square from Morwell Street, Bloomsbury

Camden Plan Demolition of Victorian Terraces next to Bedford Square

8 October 2020

Conservationists face off with Camden in a battle to preserve Victorian terraces and views from Bedford Square. But planners are happy to ignore protest and approve the application. One of Bloomsbury’s least known streets has become the site of a face-off between the usual suspects: the community and conservationists on one side, with Camden’s planners […]

Belgrove House proposed development

Belgrove House: Time to Object

23 September 2020

Last chance to object to the Belgrove House Monstrosity. Official consultation closes on the 9th October 2020. After months of ‘consultation’ with ‘local stakeholders’, and a PR war with Save Bloomsbury, the development team behind the infamous Belgrove House Monstrosity have taken the hundreds of comments and pointers ‘on board’, and have come back with […]

Georgian terraces on Swinton Street

Major Redevelopment on Gray’s Inn Road

11 August 2020

Royal National Throat, Nose, and Ear Hospital set for comprehensive redevelopment. Online Q&A to be held on Tuesday 25th August 2020. You can register for the Q&A here, and see the developer’s website here. The Q&A comprises a 1-hour video presentation made by the development team, followed by 1 hour of questions asked by the […]

Aerial view King's Cross St Pancras, c.1937

Belgrove House DMF

26 June 2020

Camden’s planning department are working with the developer to promote the development, and neither give a toss about heritage. Camden’s Development Management Forum for Belgrove House was held online from 19:00 – 21:00 on 25th June. The format of the forum differed from the usual in many ways, not least because it was held online. […]

St Pancras Clock Tower

BCAAC takes on Belgrove House

17 June 2020

After hiding their intentions for more than eight years, the owners of Belgrove House have begun the application process during the height of the Coronavirus pandemic. The proposal is to entirely demolish Belgrove House and to replace it with a ten-storey office block. The development would occupy an entire street block and be of a […]

Facade of the former Royal Free Hospital, Gray's Inn Road

Historic Hospital Demolition Approved

11 March 2020

The demolition of much of the historic quadrangle of the former Royal Free Hospital on Gray’s Inn Road has today been approved by Camden Council, in conjunction with the GLA. Despite vociferous opposition from ourselves and Historic England, along with letters sent directly to the Mayor and the Secretary of State, neither Camden nor the […]

Northern range of Cartwright Gardens, Bloomsbury

We Meet with Camden

29 February 2020

On 5th February our committee met with Camden’s Head of Development Management, Bethany Cullen, and Enforcement Manager, Elizabeth Beaumont, to discuss the Bloomsbury Conservation Areas. Overall, the meeting was positive and it seems that we will be working together in the future to combat some of the problems afflicting the conservation areas. We learned some […]

Dockless Bicycles on Tavistock Place, Bloomsbury

Ban Dockless Bicycles from Bloomsbury

18 February 2020

We have learned that Camden are working with London Councils to draft a bylaw to control dockless bicycles, with the possibility of exclusion from certain areas. We have asked for dockless bicycles to be banned from the Bloomsbury Conservation Areas. These bicycles have a detrimental effect upon the special character and appearance of our conservation […]

We Condemn the Overruling of Elected Councillors

15 January 2020

The decision by the Director for Regeneration and Planning to overrule elected councillors simply confirms what we have all suspected for a long time – Camden is undemocratic, and councillors have little control over civil servants supposedly working to carry out their policies. The director, Mr David Joyce, overruled the Members Briefing Panel recommendation to […]

St Pancras Clock Tower