1. 1. New DevelopmentAppropriateness to Bloomsbury

    Scale and massing

    Materials and style to be in context

    Excessive glazing inappropriate

    Tall Buildings

    Presumption against redevelopment within minimum 60 years

    Importance of setting and proximity to historic buildings demanding appropriate and highest quality design.

    2. Residential Building Conservation

    Appropriate materials

    Double Glazing policy for (1) Georgian (2) other

    Wires and cables


    Antennae and aerials

    3. Commercial and Public Building Conservation



    Roller Shutters

    Rooftop plant

    Banners and wall and window notices

    Pub awnings

    4. Building Use

    Presumption against loss of small (under 100sqm) office space (unless a significant heritage benefit is derived as a direct consequence of the loss).

    5. Streetscape



    Pavement barriers


    Street Lighting

    6. Environment and Energy 

    Air Conditioning Units

    Lighting and Illumination, exterior and interior

    Solar Panels

    7. Sub-Areas

    Presumption against segregation

    8. BCAAC Consultations